Colorful painted flexible gooseneck arm tube

Color Painted Flexible Gooseneck Tube:

1. Outer Diameter: 2.8mm-28mm (0.11in – 1.1in)

2. Length & Connector: As required

3. Finishing: Powder Painted

4. Customized Service

  • Custom requirements

1. It is necessary to know the outer diameter, inner diameter and length of the hose, whether there are joints at both ends, what the joints are, the type and length of threads, and how to deal with the surface.

2. It may also be necessary to understand the load-bearing of the hose, that is, how much weight the end needs to bear, so as to facilitate the fabrication of the hose.

3. We also need to know the loading weight and loading method the customer wants, as well as the order completion time and order quantity.

4. If the customer has drawings, it is best. If not, we will make drawings according to the structure of communication with the customer before doing.


1.  Generally speaking,it can be made from outside diameter 2.8mm to 28mm.

2. The total length of gooseneck tubes in our company can be produced from 50 mm to 1.5 meters.

3. Different treatments are available to meet different requirements.

  • Multifunctional gooseneck tube

The Flexible Arm is able to support, bend into any shape, adjust bending position and protect wires inside.

Support – an object

Hold – in position

Adjustable – by being re-positioned

Connect – two objects

Conduit – for electrical wire,etc

Protect – as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits

Rigidity(Stiffness) – ability to hold weight

Obedience(Stay-Put) – ability to maintain a bending diameter

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